[Extension Request] MainWP Favorites - pump up the power!

I would have to say that the Favorites Plugin makes things easier in the end… but it wouldn’t take much to take the plugin to the next level. Saving time is essential, and you’ve merely teased us with the true potential :wink:

2 ideas on that:

  • have premium plugins upgrade via the main dashboard site, and then pushing those updates throughout the network

  • offer a list of plugins on the main dashboard site, and then provide a zip download link. Add a url upload field in Favorites, so we can copy/paste the link to the zipped plugin package. (the zip file would be temp, and delete itself after upload. no additional bloat that way)

I often thought that updating premium plugins would be great but I feel that this is not the way to do it. Number 2 sounds complicated and number one is an open door for software piracy lol.

Anyways both ideas are possible already. You can upload your zip and send it to the network. Also if you upload an new Version and favourite it it gets updated in the list.

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