[Extension Request] RankMath Extension

It seems like more and more people are disenfranchised with Yoast and attracted to other less expensive SEO options, such as RankMath. Would it be possible to get a Rankmath extension?

This is a good idea.
I use RankMath to replace Yoast on my client’s website.

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+1 for RankMath. SEOPress would be useful for a lot of users too.

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Yeah would be nice to so Rank Math support!

+1 Would love to see a RankMath extention.

+1 great idea ! I support this idea

+1 for me ! I love Rank Math

+1 for me as well! I would love to see a RankMath extension.

Me too, I changed all my WP websites to RankMath.

Another +1 for me. I like RankMath much better than Yoast and use it on all my sites.

I hope all you “+1” posters are actually Voting on this. If not you’re going un-noticed…

Thannk you all for your input.

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