[Extension Request] Visible process queue for teams working from home

We’ve previously been running InfiniteWP for a couple of years now, but due to some problems with that we’re now switching over to MainWP. First impression is that MainWP has its pros and cons compared to InfiniteWP, but most cons are not that big of a deal.

The one thing that is a problem for us is the following;

We work in a team and are not always in direct contact with each other (working from home), so we often don’t know if anyone in the team has recently refreshed the list with websites or if anyone is working through the list of websites updates (core/themes/plugins/etc).

A big pro for InfiniteWP is that it’s more a “web app” based product, showing everyone that is logged in to the portal the same process queue. So if someone activated a full sync of all WordPress websites everyone will see that running. The same with plugins, if InfiniteWP is running a specific plugin update on 12 websites, everyone in the team can see this. This way we won’t all trigger an update process at the same time. This is problematic in performance for the server that is running 200 websites.

So basically what we want (need) is a process queue that is always visible in the MainWP portal.

For example: