Extension Updates follow up

Following up Extension Updates

Today I had to realize the update issue still exists. The Rocket Extension got an update (4.0.2). Both of my mainwp dashboard installations had version Only one dashboard showed an update notification. On the other dashboard i deactivated the rocket extension license and activated it again. Still no update notification. I checked the api keys in my mainwp account and i see the new activation. What ever i did i got now update. Finally i deleted the extension and reinstalled it to get version 4.0.2 on the second mainwp dashboard installation as well.

Can we please get a reliable update system for extensions?

Hi Michael,

thanks for reaching out.

We are working on the licensing system update. In the meantime, if you continue experiencing this problem, please feel free to reach out via helpdesk ticket where I can get more info and look into this problem.


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