False security scan report

Hi, for all my child sites i get this error in the security scan " WP Config debugging is disabled " ( checks if WP C onfig debugging is disabled)… I tried to fix it by clicking on “fix all” but nothing happend.

By the way, i’ve checked all my websites and the wp debug is set to false.
Before the update to the 4.3 beta this alert wasn’t here.
child plugin has be updated to the beta version too.

Any idea? Thanks

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Hi @TurfuDigital,

Thanks for reporting this.
Can you duplicate this behavior if you disable temporary all plugins on the child site except for the MainWP Child?

Hi @bogdan ,

I have the same issue. I disabled all of the plugins on a relatively vanilla WP site and the issue still occurs.

Just to update here, the problem has been discovered and fixed!

Thanks for your help.

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