Favorite plugins direct update

Hi, It would be great to be able to have an automatic update function in the favorite plugin part. I wish I could upload my favorite plugin with its license attached and that it automatically updates all the time. So when I have a new site to install, i can just pull the last version of my favorite plugins instead of an old one without licence that i still need to register and update on the new site.

+1 I agree 100% if we could install them with license key and newest version, that would be amazing!

I’m becoming a fan-boy of favorites.

  1. Keep plug-ins in favorites up to date - Oh hell yes.
  2. Install them with license keys when needed. Better than Hanukkah with 16 days!
  3. Both of the above together? nirvana!


Ok, another upvote for Favorites to be enhanced.

Agreed on the #3 points above.