File Uploader Extension stopped working after WordPress 6.0 update

So the File Uploader Extenesion stopped working after the WordPress 6.0 update. You can upload the file but it hangs when trying to update sites. Anyone else experience this or determined a fix?

Hi Michael,

I just tried to duplicate the problem, but I couldn’t. The upload works just fine for me on my test setup.

Can you please send me more details about what you tried?
What file (file extension) you are trying to upload?
Can you please verify that the sites that you are trying to upload to are properly connected and can be synced regularly?

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Thank you Bogdan! Unexpectedly, it started working again last night so I can close this. I will say that the sites were connected and synced regularly. The issue existed for about 10 days or so and I believe it corresponded with the latest WP update to 6.0. I remember this happening once before with another WP update. The upload would get stuck where the spinner would never complete and it seemed like a javascript error of some sort.

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It can be that you needed to clear your browser cache (or hard refresh the page) to load the new scripts.

It still occurred in Chrome incognito mode.


Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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