Fixing security issues keeps spinning

When I add a new child site and try to fix the security issues, the “Please wait…” loader keeps spinnig. After a refresh it has finished, but this is happening since a recent MainWP Dashboard update.

There are a few notifications in the browser console, for a few items that are blocked by my ad-blocker:


But if I disable my adblocker, clear cache and try again, it still keeps spinning without any errors in the browser console, so I think it’s unrelated.

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Hi Jos,

Thanks for reporting this.

I was able to duplicate the problem when trying to fix the security issues from the widget.

The loader keeps spinning, but after I reload page, issues are fixed.

Can you confirm if this is the case on your side too?

Anyways, I will have our dev team check this.


Yes, that’s correct. It’s just the spinner that’s having an issue, not the fixing itself.

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Just to add, I’ve had this same issue.

We will get this fixed for the next update.

I’m seeing this too, but more interesting is the fact that it tells me that some of my sites have issues (normally 2 strangely enough) but when I click through to see what the issues are nothing is shown in the list and all security checks show a tick against them, even if I refresh. Running “Fix all” from the overview page makes them go away (after a reload because of the constant spinner problem) but I don’t actually know what it did. Very strange.

This problem has been fixed by our dev team.

Fix can be expected in the upcoming MainWP 4.1.7-beta release. Or if you prefer, you can wait for official 4.1.7 release.

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