Flush Elementor CSS Automatically/Manually from MainWP

Hi everyone,
I have had some issues with Elementor after updates, that with the Flush-CSS function from Elementor again good is.
Elementor have some wp-cli funcions to flush the CSS and I was wondering if it is possible from MainWP to run it on child sites. Maybe through Code Snippes or directly from MainWP with some extension I still not know.
Some suggestions if that would be possible?
Maybe just with Cron directly on server?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @maria.largo.martin

CLI functions cannot be triggered with PHP, so MainWP or Code Snippets can’t be of help there.

Perhaps you can reach out to Elementor support and ask them if Flush CSS can be performed through a PHP function or a method, which could then be executed through Code Snippets.

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