Followup on WP Vivid Backups in Client Reports

Hi follow-up on my question of about 2 months ago.
WPVivid team confirmed they have made changes to the plugin and it’s pending MainWP to approve changes.

So, when will I be able to include backup info in client reports?


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Hi again Christophe, spotted your post here after I replied to your comment on my post! Hopefully MainWP are getting the message that we need this sooner rather than later!

A few days ago, MainWP Child and MainWP Child Reports 2.0.4 have been released and these versions contain the updates needed for logging WPVivid backups.


I have both those versions installed on my dashboard.
But I still cannot set WPVivid as default backup plugin. I can only select WP Timecapsule which I have also installed to check if this might be a better option for me.
On a child site, I made a WPVivid backup from within my dashboard. But when generating a Pro Report it show no Backups section, I did check the pro-report-default.php and it does have a backup section. I did notice that on the Report configuration ‘Report Data’ tab, there is no option for backup as there is for instance for updates, security, pagespeed, …

My apologies for missing to explain this part. This is actually something that they need to fix&release on their end. They just need to add the required filter in the extension to hook the WPVivid option to the primary backups menu. Everything that was on us is released. I believe that that the WPvivid team will make and release this update very soon.

Thanks for the explanation. I think I’ll go for WP Timecapsule then. More expensive but at least seems to be working. I’ve been waiting for this for almost 2 months now, I can’t keep on waiting.

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Update: New version of WP Vivid has fixed the issue.
I did have to modify the report template to include backup details.

Only thing left is that I cannot select WP Vivid as primary backup system in MainWP global options. But I’m not sure what the impact of that is?

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I am happy to hear that the new version solved the issue. If the backups are showed in the reports, the Primary Backup System option should not be the problem. Along with the support for the reports, it just controls a few internal links in the MainWP system.

One impact I found is that by not being able to set a Primary backup system is that you don’t see last backup date in the child site overview. That’s a bit annoying.

Yes, you are right. Also, if you use the “Require backup before update” feature, it might not work properly since it won’t look for backups made by WPvivid plugin.

So in fact, to use full functionality of MainWP I’d better stick to one of the other backup systems as Updraft or Timecapsule?

Hm, I can’t tell that. You know how much do you need those features that are missing. If it’s important for your workflow, you can stick with the current backup system, if it’s not big deal for you, you can switch to WPvivid and wait until they handle this update.

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