Gallery not working, random or empty images on child sites bug

when posting multiple child sites same time gallery not working.

some sites show random images from its own media gallery not the original images at all. (or not publishing gallery empty too)

very weird :upside_down_face:

please fix this bug

Hey @sinanisler

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Iโ€™ve managed to reproduce the issue and passed it along to the development team.

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As per my knowledge
When posting multiple child sites simultaneously, gallery issues can arise. Some sites might display random images from their own media galleries instead of the original images, or the gallery may appear empty. To resolve this, ensure the images are correctly linked and verify the media library for each child site.
I hope this will help you,
Thank you

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that kills the purpose of admin panel publishing :slight_smile:

client doesnโ€™t want to login to any other site they have multiple editors they want to give them one login to publish articles.

thanks anyway :+1:

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