Getting datatables warning error

This error message has been popping up regularly whenever I go to Sites > Manage Sites. It never used to affect anything and just needed to be cleared. Now, I don’t seem to have access to Manage Sites anymore. I can synch sites - so I know they’re connected - but can’t seem to get to the screen where they’re all listed.
Doing a search on this forum, I found someone else with the same problem - but they were using an IIS server and the fix, to me, is unintelligible!

Hi Ian, did you open a ticket with the support? I never see this error…

Nope. I figured that Step 1 would be to post this in the forum. I assume that you’re suggesting otherwise?

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Hi @websmithian, can you please navigate to MainWP > Settings > Global Options & see if "Optimize for shared hosting or big networks " is enabled?

If it is enabled then disable it and hard refresh your browser.

Let me know.


It was just in case you didn’t get an answer :wink: looks like @dennis has something for you. Cheers!

Hello @dennis
I did as you asked and the problem persists. I made a video of things not working as they should be:

@dennis - Ignore all of this! Everything is working as it should be.
As it turns out, the problem wasn’t with MainWP - it was with my hosting. For some reason (which they won’t explain to me) the IP of my computer was being blocked by all of my hosted websites and emails! That’s why the configuration switch you suggested didn’t take and why I ended up not even getting access to the MainWP dashboard at the end of my video.
Thanks for your help with this.

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I’m glad it was figured out at least your host was able to track the issue, weird they blocked your home/work ip though. I’ll mark your last response as the solution for you.

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