Give the ability to select a disconnected site for Pro Reports screen

There are situations where a site is disconnected for whatever reason, but I still need to create a report with whatever date range I need to use.

A simple example is that, let’s say a site is under maintenance for July but they launch a new website on the 20th or cancel services and the MainWP plugin is disconnected. In MainWP the site connection will break, but I still need to create the last report for July with whatever data I have up to that point.

When I go to the Pro Reports screen, the website will not be in the list of sites to select when creating a report.

I did find a workaround luckily. Since I use tags on my sites, I was able to create reports based on selecting the tag instead of the site directly. This created the report for the broken site.
Since it’s possible to create a report for a disconnected site, I think that means you should let disconnected sites be selectable in the Pro Reports screen.

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Hi @zackw

I see where you’re coming from, and it’s an interesting idea.

However, most of the data used by Pro Reports is actually stored on the child site. This includes updates, posts, pages, security information, backups, and more. So, if the site is disconnected, Pro Reports cannot retrieve this data.

Only a fraction of data is stored on the Dashboard, like the PHP version, and active theme, and that info can be included in the Report, along with data from APIs like Google Analytics, Matomo, Uptime Monitor, etc.

It wouldn’t be practical to market a feature with only a fraction of the capacity, nor would it be feasible to store all report data on the Dashboard, especially when considering large-scale use cases (i.e., a Dashboard with dozens or hundreds of sites).

And please keep in mind that we have an official feedback site, so please feel free to make any future suggestions there.
That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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