“Go to WP Admin” overlaps menu again

This is either back or was never fixed since it was previously reported here: "Go to WP Admin" overlaps menu

There’s no need to have this as a sticky overlay. Being more generous with the space could improve the UI.
Screenshot 2022-06-22 124927

Hey @nadworks

I’m not observing this behavior even on very small window sizes.

Do you have any CSS/PHP/JS snippets running on the Dashboard which would impact the layout, either via Custom Dashboard extension or via other means, and at what window size was your screenshot captured?
And what browser, operating system, and browser extensions are you running?

No. Nothing at all. This is just out of the box.

I’ve got the same issue with MainWP 4.2.5 and so do you, @bojan. There’s transparancy in the “Go to WP Admin” bar, even in your screenshot, where the scroll bar shines through the lower bar. If it is a visual issue, depends on the resolution and how low the content of the sidebar goes.

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I did notice the transparency on that element, but I didn’t go below the 450px window height, so the issue of the element going over sidebar entries did not manifest.

I can see now that when the window height gets below circa 400px, the issue becomes apparent.

These window sizes are nigh unusable mainly because not much can fit within them in any case, but I have notified the development team about the reported issue so that it may be fixed.

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