“Go to WP Admin” overlaps menu

First of all, MainWP is beautiful and realy solves my maintence nightmare. So, thanks !
I have a small issue. I bought the full version. Gradually installed a bunch of Extensions but now, the extensions list is runs down off the screen.
For instance I can’t reach Extensions>Sucuri anymore. It’s off screen, below “Go to WP Admin”
My screen resolution is 1920x1080.
Any solution ?
(i could do without the menus “Post” and/or “Pages” and “Users” or can i influence menu line height with CSS)

Install the Custom Dashboard plugin from MainWP, then use this… Works great for me.

Right, you’ve put me on the right track. Actually i found the opposite: move the “Go to WP Admin” from botttom to top. That works ! Thanks !

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@fotan @Marco Really glad that one of my solutions has been so helpful & that you got thigs working how you like now.