Godaddy and Siteground connection issues

connection troubles again! both Godaddy and Siteground.

With Siteground I have tried uninstalling - deleting data from the database and the re-adding the site. Connection test OK. Add site - MainWP Child Plug in not detected - site response

can anyone shed any light on how to solve this? This is all sites on my dashboard that are hosted on Siteground (different accounts)

these are sites that have been attached (on and off!!!) for several years but since May 9th have not been able to get them back on.

All clients sites on my dashboard hosted on Godaddy (different accounts) are giving HTTP error - Connection timed out after 10007 milliseconds. Curl timeout is set high, max execution time is set high. Again - these have all been detached since 9th May

Hi @estherrosie,

The HTTP Error - Connection timed out after 10007 milliseconds means that the child site server firewall or some other security layer is blocking requests from your dashboard.

I believe that this is the same case as with the sites on SG hosting.

Please check this help document:

thank you - will do that!

Great! Let me know how it goes.

Godaddy are asking if I have a traceroute. Where do I find that? Apparently they don’t allow whitelisting(!)

you need to contact your host support (MainWP Dashboard site host) and ask them to do the traceroute test from the server to your child site.

This might be related; I have one site hosted on GoDaddy and it’s the only one that cannot do any backups with UpdraftPlus to Amazone S3. I can see in the logs that it just times out.

As @bogdan suggested, let them do the traceroute to your host but my guess is that they will reply: “Your host is blocking us” and down the rabbit hole you go.

They just have very strict firewal traffic settings. My suggestion, and is probably not what you want to hear, is to find another hosting provider. GoDaddy, to put it mildly, is not my favourite.


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