Google Analytics alternatives in MainWP?

There are more and more concerns about privacy and moving away from Google Analytics.

Is there any planned support for other Analytics providers?



Hey @Gary_Petro

We currently support Matomo (ex Piwik) as well in addition to Google Analytics.

On our Roadmap, the support for Fathom Analytics is in Researching phase. And on our Feedback site, there are multiple suggestions for other analytics tools.

Please vote for your favorites, or make a submission if it’s not already there.

That lets us know which features or tools our users want the most.

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Thanks for this.
Do you think I could install Matomo alongside MainWP on the same cPanel account?
{I have MainWP running in its own cPanel account as is recommended.}

Matomo extension needs to be installed alongside the MainWP Dashboard plugin, and nothing else needs to be installed.

After you create Matomo account, you just have to connect it with the Piwik extension.

I understand that the exttension needs to be installed, but I want to use the self-hosted version. I was inquiring about installing it with Softalicious and running thaat in the same cPanel account and using the same resources.

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I use Koko Analytics, right now, in addition to GA. It is a free w/ a plugin. Works pretty well and I can view it right in the dashboard. It is not very deep in terms of data like GA is, but maybe that’s the point, idk. So it is limited from my perpsective, but very good for the high level view.


Installing Matomo on Premise on the same server where the MainWP Dashboard is installed shouldn’t be an issue. But as always, be mindful of the server resources.


Having Matomo self-hosted version on the same server as MainWP Dashboard shouldn’t be an issue, as long as loopback connections are allowed on the server so Dashboard can communicate with it.


How is it with regards to ignoring bots and reporting real visits?

@Gary_Petro I have Installed Matomo via Softaculouse along side my MainWP Dashboard Installation, hosted on a cPanel Account before without any issues.

{I have MainWP running in its own cPanel account as is recommended.}

**CLARIFICATION…: Installing other “Inhouse tools” on the same server that your MainWP Installation is installed is fine if you have the resources available to run the software. Separate your tools by subdomain and strong authentication & you are fine.

What we recommend - It is not required; however, it is HIGHLY recommended to install the MainWP Dashboard to a clean WordPress installation and not on one of your operating sites. ( AKA Your Sales Site )This helps to eliminate any unnecessary plugin conflicts. - Getting Started with MainWP - A Step by Step Guide

To answer your bot question - you will need to read up on the Matomo / Piwiki Docs; It looks like they ignore some by default & have a way to add new ones manually if needed… I did see a huge difference in numbers but it’s most likely because I didn’t do any further setup other then installing it just to see what it was like.


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