Google Analytics connected account not showing


I just connected one of my child sites following the instruction given. All seems connected and on the manage accounts, the Analytics that I want is connected.

However, when I go to visitor data in the drop down to choose the website, I only have one website available, when I have to accounts connected.

I am not able to choose the connected account, on the website manage page dashboard inside main wp, It asks me to connect google analytics.

I tried doing it again, did not work and also I tried to find a way of deleting and it didn’t work.

Can I get some help form the community?


Hey @dannygrio1234

On page Extensions > Google Analytics > Manage Accounts, do you see “Connected” in the Status column?

If so, and you are not seeing all websites that you’re expecting, can you check that you have Universal Analytics properties created for those websites?
The extension supports GA4 properties, but for the time being, it’s also necessary to have UA property and have them connected to each other in Google Analytics Dashboard.
More information: Support for GA4 Properties - MainWP Documentation

After that, go to the individual child site overview, then Edit page, and on bottom of that page try manually assigning Google Analytics property to the desired Child site.

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