Google Analytics No Data Available!

Hi there!

I cant get the Google Analytics Extension to work.
It shows that my google account is connected, but when i click on visitor data it only shows “No Data Available!”. The same happens, when i get into a specific page.

I tried already different browsers without any luck.

Does it maybe need some time, until Google Analytics provides data?

Kind regards

Hi @Beckz, can you pleae confirm that you have assigned properties from your GA account to your child sites? This should be done on Site Edit page.

Hi Bogdan,

so, the problem was, that i was in the first panel on the site overview, where was also written “No Datan Available” and i thought thats it.

But i didnt get, that you have to go to the panel “Edit Page” to assign a proberty.
Ive seen just now, that there i have to connect them, not in the overview panel.

So yeah, again the error was sitting in front of the monitor.

Thanks a lot for your help Bogdan!

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Hi @Beckz, you are welcome. I am glad the problem is solved now.

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