Got any email from Uptime Robot saying using Depreciated API


I got an email from Uptime Robot saying I am using a depreciated API. The only thing that I am using the API with I assume is the Uptime Robot MainWP extension. (I use there dashboard for everything else)

Any idea when the extension will be updated?

Here is the email I got:


We’ve noticed you’re still using our deprecated APIv1 while APIv2 is already available. APIv1 is no longer supported, meaning bugs won’t be fixed and no new features will be added.

We recommend switching to the newer version, you can find the updated Documentation for APIv2 here: API Documentation | UptimeRobot

Let us know if you have questions or need any assistance.

UptimeRobot Team


Duplicate ticket from UptimeRobot API version

Anwered in here: UptimeRobot API version - #2 by bogdan

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