Greeetings, I'm Josey from The United Kingdom

…and I’m a MainWP-aholic. I discovered MainWP when I went searching for a way to manage all the WordPress sites I host, maintain, or am hired on to help. I wanted something I could self host as I am a bit of a privacy / security nut. (I’m called Darth Securitas by many).

I run a small company called Love Sudo, and I’m happy to help where I can with any issues or troubles people run into with MainWP. I may not post a lot (I am a bit busy), but that does not mean I won’t be lurking and popping up in random posts to lend a hand, give encouragement, or share ideas.

I am also a host on a developer podcast that covers everything from frameworks to being an consultant and contractor.

I look forward to meeting and learning about everyone here.


Hi Josey, and welcome! You are not alone, many such like you (MainWP-aholic) are in here. :joy:

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