Greg from Grace at Work Living in Philadelphia, PA

Hey there everyone, I’m Greg and own an agency based in Philadelphia, PA that builds websites for organizations that make a difference. We focus on building and hosting sites for churches and nonprofit organizations.

We’ve got just over 200 sites under management and are currently focusing on a server/hosting migration as well as moving from ManageWP into MainWP.


Hey Greg, welcome to the community. Nice to have you around.

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Hi @graceatwork, welcome to the community. I am already impressed by the number of sites you are managing… and targeting 250 by the end of the year? Pretty impressive.
Any lessons learn on managing +200 WP websites? We are at 75 and targeting to double it by the end of this year.
Thanks and welcome onboard!


Thanks @wpexpert! For sure a few lessons learned along the journey:

  • Choosing your hosting is so important because moving websites from host to host is no fun. Don’t rely on the cheapest…and certainly don’t use shared hosting. My present set-up I’m using is with GridPane and servers with Vultr & Linode, all dependent upon location. Most of my clients are specific to local areas, so having servers around the country (I’m in the US) is helpful for us.
  • I live and die with systems…I have to have systems that work, which is part of why I’m transitioning to MainWP.
  • Don’t be afraid to raise your prices. I think a lot of times people are hesitant because of how that might slow growth…that has never happened to me.

If I think of any others I’ll jump back over and drop so more notes.


Great advice already @graceatwork I’d love to see some posts from you in #wordpress-maintenance-business when you feel like sharing!

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Agree 100% with you! Right now, our hosting costs us $9 (CAD so $6.5 USD) per site but we do have amazing service. They are all WordPress Managed Server and we have a 100% uptime so far…
Right now, we are ok with our pricing infrastructure (WordPress Care Plans & Maintenance Packages by WP Expert). But definitely like your advices. Like @dennis mentioned, maybe a new post in #wordpress-maintenance-business

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@graceatwork Welcome to the community!


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