Hang with trying to show all inactive themes (22 sites)

On wp-admin/admin.php?page=ThemesManage, if I select all websites and click Show Themes, the loading animation appears and stays there indefinitely. I reduced the number of themes one by one and tried again, and it worked when I had about 15 themes selected. More than that and it would hang.

Server status shows 256M WP memory limit.

Hi Libby,

Do you use PHP 8 on your dashboard site server? If yes, can you try to roll back to 7.4 and see if that helps?

No, according to the system report it’s 7.

@libbynotzoey Hanging issues are usually due to the following

MainWP > Settings > Advanced Settings > Optimize for shared hosting or big networks [ Toggle ON ]

Please check that this is enabled and try again.

This solved the problem. Is there a downside to having this option activated?

@libbynotzoey No - it just implements a cache system built into MainWP that it can control better. Helps with specific hosting companies.

Thank you for letting us know this solved your issues. I have marked my answer as a solution for your convenience.

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