Have a modal with confirmation when clicking on the Ignore update


I’m using quite often the dashboard on my phone and I’m clicking by mistake many times the Ignore update or Ignore Globally buttons instead of update as they are very close, the action is done without confirmation and there’s no way to quickly undo this as they’re no modal to warn you or a button to undo, so can you please add a modal to confirm the request for the Ignore buttons? or a way to quickly undo the change? (otherwise I need to search for the right place the list of ignored updates are and it’s very time consuming, plus by mistake I’ve clicked on ignore and forgot about it and realized after a while that I haven’t done those updates…)

Thank you.

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Hi Dan-Claudiu,

Usually, feature requests are redirected to https://feedback.mainwp.com/ but in this case, I think your suggestion is easy and quick to implement, and I do agree that this is kind of a usability problem, so I am putting this on our internal road-map for the next MainWP plugin update.



Thank you @bogdan

In the past I’ve actually hidden all together the ignore buttons with CSS but as the platform has changed their CSS ID’s have changed multiple times and it was difficult to keep up, that’s why in a previous request I’ve asked to have dedicated CSS classes for each button so that I can hide them, and you’ve implemented it and I’m grateful for your work :heart:

Thank you again and have a great day!

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