Having trouble connecting to Google Analytics account

When trying to add my Google Analytics account I see the account listed, but it shows as disconnected. What can I do about a disconnected account?

Hi @SubMon, have you tried to remove the account from your MainWP Dashboard and re-authenticate it again?

Yes. I’ve tried that a few times.

Thanks for verifying that.

I have seen where some browser add-ons (ad-blockers) cause problems. Can you please try one more time to create a new set of API keys from a different browser and see how it goes?

Also, along the way, please grab a screenshot of each step so if it fails again you can send me screenshots for review. Would that be ok?

Whats the Account name? The name of app? where i find that? i have the same problem, try in diferent browsers and still disconected.

Hi Luciano, in the account name, you can enter whatever you like. It’s just something for your internal use so you can locate wanted account easier when managing multiple accounts.

Regarding the connection problem, can you do what I suggested to SubMon and grab series of screenshots so I can review the process?

Today i will record a video, trying to fix that, Thaks!

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I think I have it fixed now. I did a couple things different this time. For one, I think I may have missed enabling Google Analytics API one of the times I made the attempt to connect. For another, I used a private Firefox browser this time. Not sure which fixed it, could be both. Thanks for your help.

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Also worth mentioning. The process seems to be a bit different from whenever the MainWP documentation was written.

Thanks for the update. We will review it.

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