Hello dear friends, Ivica Delic here (too)

Hi all, I am Ivica and I have been working in the Banking industry for 21 years where I have been Project Manager for 3 years and Card Centre Director managing more than 60 employees for 13 years.

My high interests are planning and organization of all business activities to be more productive. I am especially interested in new technologies so I started to build websites and online businesses from 1995.

I have been working with WordPress since 2011. And have attended WP Meetups in my hometown while giving lectures on speeding up WP sites. I have also been interviewed for WordPressTV, WP Elevation, WP Agency Summit and some others.

Also, I created a very popular Facebook groups on various topics where I am an admin - in total more than 20 WordPress and other Facebook groups with 180.000 members, along with my dear friends: co-admins and moderators . One of those Facebook groups is for great MainWP tool which I am specially proud of as I have been using it (happily) for years now.
Volunteering and helping WordPress Community is one of my favourite activities.

In July 2019. I left my manager banking career to replace it with the Digital Marketing career and to further develop my WordPress knowledge and business. I started consulting/technology company with my business partner. I am also a Co-founder of FreelancersTools.com, husband and father.

I will also have some small moderator role in this new MainWP Community, to help a bit these great people.



Welcome Ivan and I hope you enjoy the MainWP community.

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Thx, I already do, very cool! :wink:


Nice to see you here @ivicad!

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“Omnipresent” Ivica :wink:
Just afraid to bored people…

Happy to see you here, too!