Hello - From Beautiful Greece But HQ'd In Orangeville, ON

Thought I would say a “hello” in here with an introduction. I’ve come across some helpful people who have written some very useful posts and suggestions here, which I appreciate.

I’ve been doing bits and pieces of things since about 1997 which originally included have a hosting facility with Linux servers out of my residence… originally it was a partnership where I basically learned Linux by promising I’d figure out how to set up Sendmail for an email server. For those of you who remember those days… :slight_smile: And we hard-coded HTML with PERL for e-commerce sites.

The business partnership eventually but I continued to service the original clients (still have most of them, to this day).

I am living in Greece at this time but still officially a Canadian resident. Came to Greece just before the COVID Pandemic, and thought I’d wait things out here. Turns out that was an interesting decision; getting back to Canada was very difficult process for a long time and I didn’t want all the hassles; besides I have a pleasant lady here that treats me well.

As mentioned in another thread, I have quite a number of clients that over the years, just got used to me doing free routine maintenance and as a gesture of goodwill, I didn’t want to charge them but it’s got to the point where it really can take up a lot of time. So I went looking for solutions, came across MainWP and a competitor, checked them both out and decided to see if I could use MainWP as a solution to both workflow management and increasing some monthly revenues.

I note that it’s preferred to call this place a “community,” so, looking forward to getting to know some of you better and perhaps as some have helped me, I’ll be able to offer a tip or two along the way.

I am still struggling with a few things in MainWP but I am also loving it as I get to know it better! Great job to the developers!

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