Hello! Web designer in NYC here

I have a web design/dev and WP management company in New York. I’ve been using MainWP for a couple of years now.

Question, is this all public?


Welcome @castlebuilder, yes this community is public. If you have a sensitive topic you can still open a ticket.

I have added you to the MainWP Pro Group, thanks for adding your pro email for me.

Thanks for adding me to the Pro group!

Ok, not many things are necessarily sensitive, but good to keep in mind that anyone can see the discussions. Potential issue if having problem on a particular client site, you might not want to mention client if it is a privacy issue, for example. Or just don’t want client coming across it?

Maybe a better question is if the Community discussions will be generally searchable by the world or blocked for search engines.

Everything posted here would be searchable so if you can’t use a generalization and need to use a specific URL I would recommend going the ticket route.


Welcome to the community and excellent question :exclamation:

Didn’t realize it was… And thanks @dennis for the answers. :wink:

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