Hello you over there!

Hey everyne, Sweden here! Bought the lifetime deal, not sure why as I am not sure how to use this but learning.

I have though one request, I couldn’t find a good place to put it. I like learning by watching videos, like many other do. But your videotutorials are REALLY old, 3-4-5 years. I even watched one from 2013. This really really puts me off as a customer and in all honesty I do feel regret buying it, but not giving up too fast without trying hard… Anyway, a update for the videos to match how mainwp looks today and acts would actually be very usefull.

Same with installing the extensions… Some like broken links checker etc, if you click it you get redirected to mainwp… Just a few words from a customer who was very excited and now dulled. Love<3


Wrlcome Kodfem! And Team got your feedbacks, thx for that.

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