Help and Codex sites updated!

The new help site provides an easier, more intuitive navigation and a robust search function that should allow you to find your answers quicker.

We also didn’t forget about MainWP developers have updated the MainWP Codex to be easier to read and locate the functions you need.

If you run into any issue with either site please let us know.



Work very well @dennis - out of curiosity, which WordPress plugin are you using? BetterDocs?
Love the design and super easy to use.
I found a display issue: I looked up for Trusted Updates, went to the page but the left sidebar is cut out:


Thanks @wpexpert we’re using Echo Knowledge Base

I’m not able to duplicate your screen issue can you let me know what OS, Browser and Screen Resolution you have and I can try to duplicate on BrowserStack

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Hi @dennis, thanks for sharing the plugin.
I did a quick video to show you want I see:
I am using Chrome (last version) on MAC Catalina OS.

What is your screen resolution?

Sorry! Forgot that. I am at 1920 x 1080.

I’m not seeing it in BrowserStack, anything else you can give me to test?

Try at a screen resolution of 1440x900

That did it, thanks I’ll see why it’s not being responsive for that size.

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If it helps I’m full width in Chrome on a 15" MacBook Pro at default resolution and I see something similar to @wpexpert, Image 2020-02-06 at 10.31.0...


Hey guys, thanks for pointing out this problem. I reviewed the Echo Knowledge Base built in TOC feature and found that options for it are very limited. The element was set with fixed position so there is no much I could do but to find alternative :slight_smile:

The other thing that I didn’t like is that the plugin was forcing that element to be hidden in smaller screens.

I replaced it with another plugin and I personally like it much better in this position:


Thanks @bogdan. This one is working perfectly fine. I noticed also on mobile (iPhone xr) the text stick to the screen and it is not comfortable to read…

Hope it’s help.


Thanks @wpexpert, glad it’s better now. Padding problem is also fixed now.


Nice, that works much better IMO.

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