Hi I'm John from Texas

Hello, I’m John. I’m old. Get off my lawn!

Been a Lifetime member since 2016.

Great to see MainWP with a community board. Now I can access using the Discourse app on my phone and keep up with the latest.


Welcome to the community! And thank you for the tip for the app on smartphone. It is going to be very helpful.


Hi John (@Rug3r) I was able to find your membership and added you to the Pro Member group.

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Didn’t know for this one, going to install app on the phone… thx!

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I use the app for another group that uses Discourse and when I saw the discobot and the tutorial I went to add it to my Discourse app. :wink:

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I’m glad I didn’t change the bot’s name now!

“Disco, Disco, yea yea…!” :slight_smile:
I like the name.

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