Hi, I'm Jos, a MainWP user from the Netherlands

My name is Jos Klever and I’m from the Netherlands :netherlands: where I run a WordPress Maintenance business since 2015. I’ve been using MainWP since I started and bought the Pro Lifetime deal early 2016. Thanks to MainWP I’m able to do updates and security for over 230 websites at the moment for mainly small clients and a reasonable price.

Besides my work I spend a lot of time as an admin for a few Dutch groups on Facebook about WordPress and Webhosting and I’m participating in testing/beta programs for useful tools that will make my life easier.

As I’ve read in a few other posts here, I’m also addicted to helping others and if I can’t immediately, I feel the urge to investigate an issue, so I learn from it for future use.

Thank you for creating this community and I’m looking forward to see how this will grow! :smile:

Jos Klever
Web Support


@josklever I feel like your one of the first to jump into anything we are doing and I love it. I’m sure you’ll have some of the most Solutions to support questions once people start posting there :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve added you to the Pro Member group


I know you Jos! We are old friends :slight_smile:


Hey Jos,

Good to see a fellow Dutch language based fellow here. Keep up the good work.