Hi to the community! My name is John Geary. I'm a retired attorney

I have been searching for a WP plugin like MaineWP for a while but all my searches began with WP.

I’m hoping someone can point me to some documentation respecting what each extension is designed to do?


Hey @digitaldropship you can access our Knowledge base here: MainWP Knowledge Base - MainWP Documentation

Thank you, Keith. I did find the KB. I’ve searched there and here and have not yet found an answer to this:

what is the recommendation respecting use of the front end of the installation for the MainWP Dashboard?

Hi John,

There is not official recommendation from our side.
Most users prefer to redirect the front-end traffic (you can do that with the MainWP Clean and Lock Extension) or to simply leave the front-end blank (you can check this theme: Intentionally Blank – WordPress theme | WordPress.org)


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