Hidden the "Update all"

Hello, I have hidden the “Update all” button in the settings, but it still appears on the dashboard. I think it’s a little bug…

Hey @dindludovic

We can’t reproduce this problem.

The “Hide the Update Everything button” option is properly hiding the button on the Overview page on all built-in themes.

Can you try disabling all plugins except for MainWP Dashboard and see if it helps?

I deactivated all the plugins, but it doesn’t change anything. On the dashboard, the button always appears

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That are different “Update all” buttons. The one that’s hidden via the settings is a button that would update all core, plugin, theme and translation updates and would be shown on top.


The “Update Everything” button is this:

So judging by your screenshot, the setting seems to be working fine for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the information. I misunderstood because of the translation. In this case, it works fine. :blush:


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