History of plugin updates - when they were applied to sites

Is it possible to produce a log or report of when plugins were updated - for each site and the version they were on and moved to e.g.

11/2/22 - 8:00. | | . |

Having a log not just the current updates - It would be very useful for audit / compliance and also tracing issues.

I could not find it - but I may have missed it!


Not sure this is available in MainWP but I use the Simple History plugin which allows you to filter on event types (like plugin updates) over a specified period of time so you can see what was updated from/to. Granted, this needs to be installed on each site and checked on the site itself (no integration with MainWP) but it’s a workaround I guess?

Hi there,

there is no built in solution for this, but you can check the Activity Log for MainWP extension.

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