Hooks for AUM Down and Up Notices

The Advanced Uptime Monitor plugin is presumably checking in the background if sites are up or down by pulling data from the API of the service we have set up. But these reports only are acted upon by updating the GUI. It would be cool if there was also an action triggered for when sites go up or down so that we can do anything else programmatically, such as saving to a custom log.

Hey @alexclst

The Advanced Uptime Monitor extension doesn’t actually fetch the data via the API in the background since there is no need to do so.

If the site indeed goes down, the email alert will be sent from the uptime monitoring service itself, not the MainWP extension.

The data from the uptime monitoring service of your choice is fetched when you open the extension page so that the fresh data can be presented to you, and when a Pro Reports report is being generated if it includes uptime data.