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I’m new to MainWP and I’m really impressed. There is one UI thing that I can’t understand: I’m on a 15’’ screen and on the “Manage sites” list view the grid needs the horizontal scrollbar, which apperars only if you scroll to the bottom of the list. It would be necessary to have it also at the top… the navigation would be more quick and user friendly.

Thank you.

Hi @TheDarkMist

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

Thanks for pointing this out to us.

We will look into adding a horizontal scrollbar at the top of the list in one of the future Dashboard releases.


I just noticed that under updates there is no horizontal scrollbar at all, even at the bottom of the long list, so user is not able to see all the page content. I would escalate it as a bug.

We have fixed this issue and it will be included in the next release of the MainWP Dashboard.

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We’ve just released version of the Dashboard, which adds the horizontal scrollbar on the Updates page.

Thanks again for pointing this out to us.

A horizontal scrollbar on the top of Manage Sites page will be added in a future release.

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