How can I use reports as a marketing tool?

I host sites (as well as occasionally work on some) that I am not doing mainteneance for - is there a way I can monitor and create reports on these sites to use as a Marketing tool to show the portential client the state of their site (outdated plugins, theme, etc)

If not could this be an added feature for MainWP?


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In the next major release we’ll be introducing a new status of “Suspended” that will allow you to have a site connected but not perform any updates on. It should be in testing by the end of this month.

This sounds like what you are looking for but if I’m off let me know.


Just looking for a simple report giving the complete status of a site:
Example: Site: EXAMPLE.COM:

plugin 1 : up to date
plugin 2: needs update

theme 1: needs update

last backup: Never

Notes: blah blah

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In order to generate such reports, a site would have to be added as a child site to the MainWP Dashboard.
However, plugins/themes/core updates could go through against your or the client’s wishes.

So as Dennis explained, something like “Suspended” status, which is coming soon, would enable you to have the site added to the Dashboard without risks of updates, and you’d be able to create reports for it.

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