How do I easily see what Code Snippets are used on a particular Child site?


I’m looking to understand how one can easily see what Code Snippets used in the Code Snippets plugin are assigned to a particular Child site. At the moment, I only have a handful of Code Snippets saved, but I am questioning if I should be using a plugin instead of code snippets for the fact that I can more easily see at a glance which websites have them enabled. When it comes to Code Snippets, I’d have to go in to each saved Snippet and see what sites are checked, right?

Is there a better way to do this for people who may have a few dozen code snippets? Or is there perhaps at least a plan to improve this user experience in a near-future release?


Hi @d19dotca

Going to Saved Snippets and checking which sites have the checkmark is currently the only way to see that.

Please feel free to make a suggestion for Code Snippets improvements on our feedback site? That way, others can vote for it, and it lets us know which features our users want the most.

Filed it here:


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