How do I export data from the "Manage Posts" section?

Hi there
Just bought MainWP and I am already loving it.

When I go to the “Manage post” section there are some great filters.

When you use the filters and dates you get an overview over metadata like post name, author, date, status and site.

Is there a way to export the metadata for example as csv file or similar.

And bonus question:
Is there a way to add extra metadata? Instead of Author Name, I need Author Email… is there a way to get around that for example by adding a small extra code somewhere in the plugin editor?

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@khonline Unfortunately no there isn’t an Export feature for this section.

Give me some time to look into adding an extra column to that table - I will update my post here when I come up with a solution.


Hi @kwcr
Awesome do you have kind of an eta on the solution?

@khonline yeah sry been kind of a busy week - I’ll have a look into this tonight and see what I can come up with.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Awesome @kwcjr - I am doing my reports tomorrow - is there any way you can have it fixed by then.

Btw I am having a programmer develop a script for export of post-data - if you are interested in integrating that functionality directly into mainWP let me know and I’ll be glad to share the info with you!

@khonline Hey - I’m sorry but I can’t have a definitive time line for you since this isn’t broken. I was simply going to look into a solution as a courtesy during my spare time. I have not had any yet.

If you are already hiring a developer feel free to have him change MainWP to your liking - it’s Open Source.
We will go over any pull requests summited to us via Github any time. Thank you for that offer.

Export of post data can be achieved via the WP REST_API.

For example here is all my posts -

Hi @kwcjr
I apologize - I thought you responded as MainWP (because of what it says just next to your username “MainWP staff”) and gave me deadlines as the company where I just bought the full lifetime package from and not as a private person fixing cool stuff in your spare time - sry about that misunderstanding :slight_smile:
Let me know when you have the possibility to look into this!
And on forehand thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

Best regards

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