How do I hide Pages & Posts sections in MainWP?

Hello, I mostly strictly use MainWP for managing updates and for code snippets that I want deployed across all my client sites. As a result I never use the built-in Pages and Posts functionality but it’s always consuming space in the left-hand menu bar in MainWP. Is there a way to disable this at all so it’s hidden for the features I never use nor ever really intend to use?

Please reference this thread here: Remove multiple options for one user role only

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It isn’t working for me, but maybe I’m mis-using it? I obviously made a few small changes (i.e. the role used, etc) but am only ever seeing “Sites” in the menu bar and nothing else when it’s enabled.

Ultimately I only want to remove Pages and Posts and keep the rest, is there a different way to achieve this or a different coding change needed to the snippet?

Here’s my current snippet:

add_filter( 'mainwp_main_menu', 'd19_mainwp_main_menu', 10, 1 );
function d19_mainwp_main_menu( $left_menus ) {
	if ( current_user_can( 'administrator' ) ) {
		$left_menus = array();
		$left_menus['mainwp_tab'] = array( 
	return $left_menus;

I was able to make this work after finding different examples, but this seems like an inefficient method, is there perhaps a better way to clean up this snippet?

if (!function_exists("d19_mainwp_main_menu_disable_menu_items")) {
    function d19_mainwp_main_menu_disable_menu_items($disable_menus)
        if (isset($disable_menus["level_2"]["PageBulkManage"])) {
            $disable_menus["level_2"]["PageBulkManage"] = true;
        if (isset($disable_menus["level_2"]["PostBulkManage"])) {
            $disable_menus["level_2"]["PostBulkManage"] = true;
        if (isset($disable_menus["level_2"]["UserBulkManage"])) {
            $disable_menus["level_2"]["UserBulkManage"] = true;
        return $disable_menus;

What’s “inefficient” about this? Looks fine to me…

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Well for one it isn’t anything close to what you originally suggested so I feel like I’m doing something wrong, haha. But also it’d be nice if it was somehow an array where I didn’t need to duplicate the names of tabs each time. So was assuming there’s a better way, a more efficient way. It’d be nice if there was formal documentation from MainWP on how to hide menu items.

@d19dotca Yeah if it works it works, you are the only one that will see the code ;o) I know not the answer you were wanting lol

This was a quick addition a few years ago because somebody was asking about it on this Forum. Other than the How To’s on here, there was never a need for the documentation. You are like literally the 5th person that has asked about this.

I’m sure we could have @bogdan write up a short KB Article when there is some spare time to do so, but I can not give a ETA as to when this will be done at this time.

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