How Do I Resolve This Warning About Multisite?

Hi there,

New MainWP user.

I have the following warning in my MainWP Child // Server Information

I have alreay read:

However I can’t find any knowledgebase documentation on how to resolve the MultiSite Disabled warning.

Would Appreciate some feedback…

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Hey @dragonsway

The warning about the Multisite being enabled is just an indication that we do not recommend the MainWP for managing Multisite setups.

MainWP is not designed for managing WordPress Multisite setups, but there are still some features that work properly: MainWP and WordPress Multisite Compatibility Test - MainWP Documentation

Hello @bojan

Perhaps I am being a little slow… (wouldn’t be the first time in my life for that :face_with_diagonal_mouth:) But having read the documentation link that you sent… In a nutshell, it says that MainWP is 99% compatible with MultiSite, with the exception 1% being in relation being User Management, which isn’t a major hurdle for most users.

What’s confusing me is that you guys seem to be vehemently opposed to anyone using MainWP with WPMS… Are there any other substantial compatibility problems not mentioned in the documentation that I should know about? If I purchase a pro subscription will the various MainWP extensions some how break my WPMS?

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The tests on Multisite setups are done infrequently, and we don’t have many users on Multisite from whom we could gather feedback. And quite simply, MainWP was not designed with Multisite setups in mind, so it is difficult for us to provide support for such setups.

The extensions were not tested by us, and while we don’t expect any of them to break anything, we cannot guarantee that they won’t. Most extensions should work properly, but some almost assuredly will not.

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I appreciate your feedback… I will take the hint that I am “weeing into the wind on this one” My next obvious question: Are there any plans to make MainWP WPMS compatible in the future?

Seems like you guys are missing a substantial portion of the market…

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Currently, we don’t have any concrete plans for improving compatibility with WPMS.

@bojan thanks… got it… MainWP = Single Sites Plugin X for Multisites…

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