How do i select WPVivid in MainWP as my Default plugin for reports and and backups?

hello everyone
please see this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

i have enabled automatic settings and each time i try to Update plugins/themes it takes me to window for backing-up sites and only provides the option to backup with Updraft, however, i am WPVivid PRo use and use it on all my sites but i see no option to set WPVidid as my default backup plugin.

The second issue is am not able to add backups taken by WPVivid on child sites to add on Client Reports or PRO Reports.

kindly could you help with this?


Hi @sagalian, it appears that the extension author missed to hook the extension in the MainWP Dashboard properly. The extension author should use provided hooks to add the WPvivid backups as Primary Backup system and to add support for the reporting system.


I was told that the extension only works with the free version and they were in the process of updating it to work with the pro version.


UPDATE: I requested this feature a month from the WPVivid team and then finally sent them a support ticket yesterday to which they have replied and agreed to release WPVidid support for MainWP as default backup module so let’s see when they release the new plugin … excited :slight_smile:


waiting for it too :slight_smile: should have read the community first - lost 10 minutes digging in MainWP options :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi all,
First post here, so be gentle! :wink:

I wasn’t aware that this forum existed until today when @Keith Crain sent me the link, I also raised a support ticket with WPVivid on April 2nd about this same problem, and they reckoned that it was a MainWP issue and closed the ticket! When I whinged about the ticket being closed without a solution, it was reopened and is now showing as 'In Progress", but so far no progress! :frowning:

If anyone from WPVivid is following this thread, your support ticket #17552.

Terry Chadban

I’m also waiting for this feature. If i takes much longer I’ll have to switch to another solution. Communication about this is not really clear either :frowning:

Hi Christophe, I have been in touch with both developers, WPVivid Backup and MainWP, and the latest is that WPVivid have sent the updated code to MainWP, and MainWP will be bringing out an update, but no actual date.

Hopefully soon, because I sent out our clients’ monthly reports yesterday, and they showed zero backups even though we backed up their websites twice a day every day using WPVivid! Not good enough!

Hi Terry,
I’m in the same situation as you :slight_smile: and also received the same feedback.
I’m already that desperate/annoyed by this that I’ve started looking for other alternatives, which might be a bit more expensive but save time waiting for a solution, investigating, …

I tried WP Time Capsule which worked well and was recognized by MainWP reports so I can recommend it.

I only gave it away because I had a problem with the Wasabi remote storage system, nothing wrong with WPTC itself. At the same time I saw the Lifetime offer for WPVivid so I took a gamble on it rather than change remote storage option with WPTC.

I’m considering to give WP Timecapsule a try. It’s a bit more expensive but if it works and if I can fit it in my workflow it’s the best solution I think.

just an update: it’s been 6 months and no prgress on using WPVivid with MainWP Reports or select WPVivid as default backup plugin.

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I have had repeated problems with WPVivid Pro differential backups failing, and submitted a ticket on their site, they acknowledged the ticket, but nothing after that, so I wouldn’t hold my breath until this problem is solved! I too will be looking for a more reliable solution if they don’t get their act together soon!

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Just a quick update – all of our websites being ‘backed up’ by WPVividPro have failed to successfully back up, even just doing incremental backups, for some time now. The WPVividPro support team are investigating the problem now, and so far are blaming everything except their plugin – pCloud remote backup system, web hosting, even their own plugin updates. I will keep everyone posted if/when they find a working solution.

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whatever happened with this?
I don’t want to waste my time on wpvivid if this is how bad their support is.

The issue is still present.

To the best of my knowledge, the WPvivid team has been notified about the issue multiple times in the past and they have promised to address it.

Looking for a new backup solution that workss with MainWP. Does WPvivid not work properly in MainWP? I need to be able to provide a list of backups made with dates and times in the Pro Reports.

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Hey @larryjam

WPvivid works except for the integration with the Pro Reports. WPvivid team is working on solving that issue.

You can take a look at the other supported backup solutions here: Backup Extensions - MainWP WordPress Management
The other ones listed there have working integration with the Pro Reports extension.


Thanks Bojan. I tried the free version and I really like it. I reached out to the WPVivid team who told me the same thing "Is in our to-do list. We are trying to improve our WPvivid for MainWP extension at the moment, a major update should be introduced in the next few months. :crossed_fingers:


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