How do I spin links or content in a post that goes to multiple websites?

Is there a way to spin anchor text or content with spintax when you are posting the same post to many sites?

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Hey @madhornet

MainWP did have an extension for Spintax, but it has been retired two years ago.

If you wish to try it, the GitHub repository is here GitHub - mainwp/mainwp-spinner-extension: Spinner Extension

But keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that it will work properly or not cause any issues considering it hasn’t been maintained for two years.

While we don’t expect it to cause any major issues on your MainWP Dashboard, we do recommend making a backup of it before trying out the extension.

Thank you for your reply. Can I put spintax manually into a post and post it to multiple websites and have it rotate the anchor texts?

I am trying to post same article to 25 sites and have each site with a unique anchor text in the link out.

If I manually input the spintax for anchor text links into a post will it post a different anchor text on each site?

Thank you for your help!

Correct, that is possible with at least some of the spinner services that our Extension supported.

Please keep in mind that the Spinner extension has been retired for two years and has not been maintained, and we do not have an insight into how well the extension works with those spinner services at this moment.

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