How do I use the Bulk Settings Manager to delete a plugin?

We have our sites hosted on WPE, and the MainWP “Delete” function doesn’t work on child sites (because of resource limitations, I believe), even for a single inactive plugin on a single child site. So I’m trying to find an alternative method, via the Bulk Settings Manager.

Can I create a key that would delete a plugin of particular name on all child sites?

I have tried to create such a key but it didn’t work. e.g. for “Akismet Anti-Spam: Spam Protection”, I

  1. install the plugin on the WordPress site (where I have set my preferences),
  2. select the plugin in the list of plugins, select delete in the drop-down menu, and press “Apply”
  3. press the MainWP Key Maker button in my WP-Admin Top Menu

My Post-submission Request looks like this:

[post] => Array
[slug] => akismet
[action] => install-plugin
[_ajax_nonce] => NONCE FIELD - updates
[_fs_nonce] =>
[username] =>
[password] =>
[connection_type] =>
[public_key] =>
[private_key] =>

[get] => Array

[url] =>
[time] => 1685525245



  1. Import Keys in the Bulk Settings Manager
  2. Save the key to a child site, and add the relevant error to the key (ERROR: Invalid nonce! Try to use: inlineeditnonce)

However the key doesn’t work on the child site - the plugin isn’t deleted. This may be relate to the line “[action] => install-plugin”. What do I need to change, and how?

Hi @clgm

The [action] in that case should be delete-plugin.

But I am not sure if just changing that action in your Request will be enough to make the key work, so please try creating it again until you have that action in the Post-submission request.

Don’t include the installation or deactivation of the plugin, just deletion.

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