How do you move WordPress websites?

Dear community,

I am grateful for MainWP, and how easy MainWP makes it to manage WordPress websites. That said, I know I have only scratched the surface of what it can do.

I would like to know how others in the community move WordPress websites to new hosts.

I tried the Clone feature this week but it didn’t work.

I also have WPVivid Backup Pro but at least in my case, I have had a few sites where the backups don’t work. Even though I have used the WPVivid migration feature successfully, I just felt like it was not as seamless as a process as I thought it would be.

I would be very grateful if anyone was willing to share their “tried and tested” process.


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Hi, I have been using the All-in-one WP migration plugin for years now (All-in-One WP Migration – WordPress plugin |, and we have been able to migrate all the sites so far without any problems, so I would warmly recommend that plugin, from my own (many years long) personal experiences with it.

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