How long will the CodeGuard Prices be available for?

How long will the Codeguard prices (listed on the MainWP site when logged in) be available for?

Are they renewable at that same rate in future years or will they resort to the regular pricing?

Is it possible to upgrade to include more sites in the future by paying the difference between Team & Small Business, Small Business & Business or Business & Enterprise?


Hey Belina ( @jeffiemoosey ),

The CodeGuard prices listed on our website are available indefinitely until further notice. You get 1(one) free year of Backups for your MainWP Dashboard & then you would need to upgrade to one of the higher up accounts.

I am pretty sure you are able to upgrade at any moment.


Currently, we sell CodeGuard at our cost plus stripe fees so as many people as possible can afford the service. @kwcjr is correct I will keep these prices as long as I can keep affording them.