How many sites do you maintain with MainWP? Seeking for the champion!

For the people that are managing a large number of sites (100+).

How many people do you have to help with the workload? Is it just you? Can you scale to a certain number before support requests get to be too much?


I’m at 200 sites and out source probably half of my support.

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Close to 3000 sites, around 100 people (developers, devops, content, SEO…) working on the sites.

Really depends on the type and size of site(s) and what type of support you’re supposed to provide.

I have a handful of personal sites which I touch maybe a couple of times per year so I’d have no problem scaling them up to, say, 20-30 sites without feeling overwhelmed doing everything (dev/content/SEO) myself. But for example of the top 10 sites in our organization I definitely wouldn’t even want to manage a single one of them by myself.


3000 sites, wow, what is your secret…