How many website can manage with the free version of mainwp

I am abhishek and I want to know how many websites can manage with the free version of the mainwp plugin and if is it required to purchase any extension.

my requirement
I have to manage 7 blog websites and their theme and plugin updates I have to post and publish blogs from one dashboard

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There’s no limit in the number of sites MainWP Dashboard can manage. I’m using it for 250+ sites at the moment and I know there are others with even more sites. For larger number it might be good to tweak some settings but there’s no limit regarding the license.

I do use the Pro version for the extra extensions (and the fact that MainWP simply deserves the money as it saves me much more doing my day to day job), but the Dashboard and Child plugins are totally free and unlimited.

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Hi @abhishek,

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

As @josklever pointed out, there is no inherent limit in the MainWP for the number of sites it can manage.

The practical limit above which MainWP may operate in a less desirable way will be determined by the server capabilities of your hosting provider.
However, even the most modest shared hosting will be more than sufficient to manage 7 sites.

Please take a look at the System Requirements for MainWP, Minimum and Recommended, here: System Requirements - MainWP Documentation

And if it would be necessary, you can find solutions for resolving System Requirement Issues here: Resolving System Requirement Issues - MainWP Documentation

Thanks All of You to clear my concern


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