How to add WPvivid Backup in Pro report

In clients report, the backups from WPvivid Backup PRo are displayed and counted nicely.
But in the Pro version unfortunately not.
In the php I see:

$plugin_active_backups = ( is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-backwpup-extension/mainwp-backwpup-extension.php’ )
|| is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-backupwordpress-extension/mainwp-backupwordpress-extension.php’ )
|| is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-buddy-extension/mainwp-buddy-extension.php’ )
|| is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-updraftplus-extension/mainwp-updraftplus-extension.php’ )
|| is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-timecapsule-extension/mainwp-timecapsule-extension.php’ )
I think a line should be added with reference to Vivid Pro? But how to add it?
Tried using the following line:
|| is_plugin_active( ‘mainwp-WPvivid-extension/mainwp-WPvivid-extension.php’ )
It doesn’t work. I am not a phph expert myself.
Perhaps someone has experience how to solve this?

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Hi Cees,

Thanks for reaching out.

have you checked with the extension author if they have built support for this extension?

I think the line to be added should be
|| is_plugin_active( 'wpvivid-backup-mainwp/wpvivid-backup-mainwp.php' )

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This is indeed the right rule.
Works perfectly now.
Many thanks.

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An agent just replied to your ticket: Wp vivid Pro and Mainwp . Here is what they said:

That is because currently the WPvivid Backup for MainWP extension only supports the free version of the MainWP Child Reports.

And we are considering adding the support to the pro version of the MainWP Child Report in the future.

The changes should be made to the code of the following two files,



And the code will also need to be submitted to MainWP team, after they review the code, they will add the code to their plugins to take effect.

All the best,

WPvivid Support Team

Is this now added to the default php file so that WP vivid is then included by default?

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